Wall Light with Led

Design Flynn Talbot

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Like the remarkable Mesh Space Pendant, this matching Wall / Ceiling light is constructed around a seamless ring of LED light. Here it sits vertically or horizontally to create a warm and functional light loop. The flattened mesh dome reflects light into the space and also filters the light onto the wall. The driver is contained within the base for easy installation on new and retrofit interior projects.


Vendu à l'unité 

> Dimensions :

Shade : - diametre 252 mm  x H140mm

> Matérials :


> Couleur :

Shade - Anodised Gold

> Système électrique :

Colour Temperature :  2700K

CRI- 80

Lumens- 1020

Voltage- 24 V

Average Life Span - 50,000 Hours

Dimming system- 1 - 10v line dimming