Pi OUTDOOR TABLE - 12/14 person

280 CM x 120 CM

Metal trestles and oak table top. Complete table, two sets of legs and one table top, for indoor use. Available in 280 cm long and 120 cm wide. Powder coated 5 mm steel. French solid oak top

Design Roderick Fry

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5 280,00 € tax incl.

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The Pi Exterior table is stable and easy to assemble without any screws. The table top is made of 7 disassociated planks so it can be delivered flat-pack for easy shipping and minimum carbon footprint.

> Dimensions : 

L 280 cm x W 120 cm x H 76 cm

> Materials : 

Legs : Powder coated steel

Top : 60 mm thick solid oak planks to be impregnated with oil

> Colors for indoor and outdoor use : 

Black semi-gloss

> Details :

Table assembled by inserting the top which slides in easily thanks to the specific angle of the legs. Once the legs are in place and pivoted to their final angle they become incredibly stable without any use of screws, bolts or rivets.  

> Options : 

The table-top is made up of seven solid oak planks that can be cut to a client’s specifications in our workshop to allow the table to be assembled around one, or a couple of existing small trees.