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"So Far" is the story of David Trubridge's development as a designer. The book is underpinned by a belief that his life and work are inseparable, and consequently this very personal book is a fascinating and thoughtful look at the progress of his career, his thoughts on the creative process, and, crucially, his passionate commitment to developing a work practice that is as environmentally sustainable as possible.

"This is a mind-blowing account of one man's journey - creatively, professionally and personally. David Trubridge is a gifted designer and we can see that its taken a tremendous amount of hard work and passion to get him to where he is today. I want every design student to read this story - there is nothing easy about good design. His message reminds us how hard we have to work to create design this strong. A beautifully designed book - an absolute pleasure to read." - Ghislaine Viñas


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ISBN 9781877517884

Published 2013 by Craig Potton