The collection 'Autel Particulier' allows flowers and candles to hang above, and therefore liberate space on, a dining table. The Swedish House has very 'graphic' floating lines which frame flowers and or candles. Whilst discrete from the side the fine lines present the form of a traditional Swedish house or church when viewed from the end.

Design Moaroom Studio


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'Swedish House Flower' model from Autel Particulier collection is a decoration product for flowers and candles.

The brass edition is made for 6 flower vases or 4 vases and two candles (2 adapters included).

Design Moaroom Studio - Roderick Fry, Laurence Varga and Baptiste Trouvé 

> Three versions :

Swedish House ‘Mixed’ in BlackMetal

Swedish House ‘Flowers’ in Brass

Swedish House ‘Mixed’ Brass

Each Collection contains all of the items one needs to suspend a selection of 6 elements over a table where the ceiling height is between 2.2m and 3m.

> The offer contains :

- 6 x hanging modules for flowers, two heights

- 2 x tubular horizontal bars 80 cm

- 2 x metallic vertical strips 60 cm

- 2 x ceiling attachments

- 6 x test tubes

- 8 x standard ceiling screws

> Materials :

Black electrolyzed metal or brass + glass test tubes

> Extra Details :

These models can be adjusted to other ceiling heights by adding or removing the vertical strips, or replacing them with chains or ribbons cut to the ideal length.

The candle adapters allow you to integrate non-drip candles in the place of 2 test tubes.Other candle adapters can be bought to transform the whole module into a long suspended candelabra of 6 candles.